Banned status from AssFinance community.. is one of main major holding of $Ass(Australian Safe Shepherd) domains, working indeed for the community.

AssBunker work for the prosperity of $Ass and this project start with no intention of gaining of purely personal benefit. Menu [Api]

Meme Round-Up(c) Memes Brawl(c) Super Meme Royale(c) MemesWorld(c) MemesNewWorld(c) Meme ****-**(c) z.Dog/Ass

Announcement: Banned from Ass Community. This could profit purely personal benefit now.... // New plan: Make this meme of siglo xxi.

AssBunker Wallet Total Fund:AssBunker Holding:AssBunker interests for Competition:AssBunker Official Ass coin burned:AssBunker ASS/* LP holdings:
HOGE 8,586,828.3094720

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